Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So far so good!

I hope that everybody has started the New Year with lots of happiness!!
I had a great new years’ Eve. We went to my best friend party, She and her husband made a fun 80’ party! It was great, we had bunch of fun. My husband had to dress me because I had no clue about the 80’ fashion; well I’ve born in 1979 so I was pretty young in the 80’. My hubby lovess the 80’ he knows everything about it! Incredible.

Well as I might have said before I made lot of cute little presents for my girlfriends. I love to make stuff for other people. One of my friends was so exited about the gift I was thrilled.
I made a purple hat for Rona, with a nice flower as a pin, I also made a hat and scarf for Amy and a cream hat for Alexis, and finally for my best friend I made a Tote bag for her books (she is a teacher).
I was so happy they loved them!! It’s so nice to see the reaction on people’s faces when they open a gift that you have made. When I saw Rona’s expression on her face I was speechless, she said “ Oh my gosh, yess! And it’s purple!! And she had this big smile on her face!So far I only have like 2 pictures od the gifts, I'm going to publish the other ones later. The pictures don't look good because the lack of light, they were taken like 3:00am at the party, so I can't expect much. I wish I would have taken the picuters before wrapping them. They look so much better in person believe me.

I have to say that the most difficult present that I have ever made was my hubby’s scarf and hat(pictures are coming soon), well the hat wasn’t difficult, but the scarf oh boy! I finished it ON January 5th just on time for Los Reyes magos; it’s a holiday that we celebrate in my hometown. You are suppose to live your shoes and a boll with water and some grass for the camels under the Christmas tree and next morning the water and grass will be gone and on your shoes you are going to find a nice present something that you wanted. Well my hubby loved his gift. I was so so happy that all my effort and time were appreciated by a big smile on his face and huge hug! I love my hubby with my whole heart!
I have some picture to show but I’m shy, hehehe, so I still thinking about publish them or not? Well what that h… I will do it.

And finally I would like to say that I love my life and I really happy to share it!

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