Monday, January 14, 2008

What a nice weekend I just had! I did everything that I wanted to do. I think I love Saturdays and I don’t like at all Sundays, if you ask me way I would say because I don’t like football! Hehehe. But it’s not only for that it’s just that Sunday’s are boring. I have to admit that since I started creating and knitting things, it’s gotten a lot better. This weekend we had people over and I made some pizzas they were delicious! I was so proud of myself; it’s nice the feeling when you cook and everybody likes it! Sunday I went to my husband job for brunch and ate way too much, but it was so good! Then after that we went to my friends’ house and drink some mate (Argentina’s national drink) with cake.
When I got home after that I felt in a great mood to create and it was there when I made some lovely Valentine's Day gifts for my shop!

By request I can make the Heart Brooch in different colors just email me or ask me, and I show you the colors that I have.
I just thought that made a really cute gift for someone you love!
for sale at my shop
I also was inspired enough to make a nice hand knit Hat, super warm it covers your ears perfectly. I made this hat with Argentinian yarn, half wood half acrylic. It's very soft. The flower brooch on the hat is totally removable, so you can use it in the perfect occasion.
for sale at my shop

Well I have to go to keep creating now!
I just want to say Try to be as happy as you can, and try to laugh everyday a little bit more!
(and just in case you're wondering? yes the one in the picture is me!))


Goiuri said...

Hola Sabrina!! Gracias por visitar mi blog y por tu comentario!! Tienes cosas estupendas!! Estoy encantada de haberte descubierto, me pasaré muy amenudo!

Sabrina's Creations said...

Mil gracias Goiuri! Es un honer que me visites, tu blog me encanta! Estas siempre como descubriendo nuevos artistas!

Un abrazo

Amigurumi Girl said...

Love your creations!! Keep up the beautiful work. (^_^)v