Monday, September 10, 2007

I loved this past weekend!

This past weekend was great. It was so different to other weekends, because my husband started a new part time job, so he is not at home anymore on the weekends, which is really strange to me, I miss him
When I woke up last Saturday I felt that I needed to create, and that's what I did. I finished Lizzie's Black Sheep ( She is a client that have ordered a black sheep). It took me a lot of time, because I like to make sure that everything looks perfect. When I finished this amigurumi I looked at it and I thought, it is going to be a girl and her name is going to be Romina.
I think she looks really cute, I showed it to Lizzie and she loved her!!
On your left you can see a picture of her, what do you think, isn't she cute?

One if my flickr contacts wrote a note that says: "tiny needles are becoming a trade mark for you lol". The funny part is that my name in my flickr account is tinyneedles, and I'm always making tiny needles for my toys. I thought about to stop making them, but I can't. If I don't make a knitting basket full of yarn it feels like my toy's set is missing something.

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