Friday, June 26, 2015

Yarn Stash

Hoy les quiero contar donde guardo mis lanas. Resulta que el año pasado V (mi esposo) y yo estábamos caminando con por una ciudad de Alexandria, es una ciudad vieja muy pintoresca y llena de negocios y novedades, y pasamos por un negocio que vende Antigüedades de todo el mundo y en la vidriera había un mueble que me impacto porque enseguida lo asocie con lana. Era perfecto para organizar la lana, pero era carisimo como $2000 dolares. Aparentemente mi amorcito tiene buena memoria porque para Navidad me dio un sorpreson! Un día llegue del trabajo y la puerta de arriba que va a la oficina estaba cerrada con un cartel que decía DO NOT ENTER, yo ni la mas pálida idea de que estaba tramando. Bueno la noche de Navidad despues de las 12:00 de la noche me llevo arriba y abrió la puerta y un mueble identico al que habiamos visto estaba ahi!! Claro, no era el mismo mueble. V encontro uno parecido como mucha historia, resulta que este mueble era parte de la recepción de un hotel en los años 20’  y estaba para la venta como antigüedad para remodelar. El lo compro y lo arreglo todo, lo pinto y lo preparo para mi! Yo me derretí como un cubito en el desierto, imaginensen me morí de amor! El mueble era y es perfecto. V tiene como un don especial para hacer regalos. Siempre el regalo resulta ser perfecto.
las dejo chicas, que tengan un hermoso dia!
Un abrazo y gracias por visitarme.

Today I would like to tell you where do I keep my stash of yarn. You see last year my hubby and I were walking in the city of Alexandria, we love Old Town, and we passed a store that sells antiques from all around the world and as a display they had a beautiful piece of furniture that I thought it was perfect for my yarn, but it was $ 2000! Apparently my hubby has a good memory because for Christmas he gave me a big surprise! One day I came from work and the upstairs office door was closed with a sign that said Do not enter, I had no idea what was the reason behind this. On Christmas Eve at midnight he took me upstairs and opened the door and there it was the piece of furniture that I’ve been wanting for a long time! The story behind this particular piece of furniture that V got for me is that it was part of the front desk of a hotel on the 1920’. It was for sale and it was very similar to the expensive one we saw. So, when he bought it he took to his work and painted it and repaired it for me. I think the fact that he took all that time and effort to make it look like the one I wanted was priceless! He left it perfect, I melted like an ice cube on the desert, imagine I my heart was paralyzed! He is a great gift picker!
Alright, it's time for me to go.
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Debbie said...

this is such a beautiful piece and the way that your husband gifted it to you is priceless!!!

i am a knitting obsessed woman as well, i learned how to knit one year ago on an alpaca farm. i adore the hat in your profile pic, it's really awesome, i assume you crafted it?!?!

MarmePurl said...

So good to be catching up with you again. Love the stash shelf...but even more, the story behind it!. Yes, I finally have my sheep and I really do love them!

Sabrina's Creations said...

Hi Debbie! thank you so much for your kind words. We should swap tea one of these days! lol and yes I made the hat I'm wearing a few years ago, I used my mom's pattern. Thank you so much for stopping by! Sabrina

Sabrina's Creations said...

Hi MarmePurl!!!!!
Thank you for coming back! I loveeee your sheep I can imagine how much fun must be to have them as a pet! My husband is so cute he knows how much I love yarn! lol
Hugs to you my friend!