Saturday, June 13, 2015

Lucky Saturday

Happy Saturday everybody!
Well I had so much to do, so many things have happened in this past year, happy and sad moments.
I'm just recollecting myself and trying to rebuild what I had with you all. I hope you still remember me!
About a month ago I received about 3 emails on my Ravelry, from users asking me for a pattern that I used to sell on my Esty shop for dolls. Since that moment I started thinking about my blog again, about how much I enjoyed writing about knitting and crafts and sharing pictures with you all.
I tried to access the blog several times but I had a really hard time with the password! Today I was finally able to access it and here I am.
I have two important things to to share with you guys one sad and one happy and even though is related to my family and my personal life I feel like sharing, OK, the sad one is that my dear father past away last July, it was really hard times for my family and for me, if you know a little about me you know how I felt about my dad. Then I have happy news, On May of 2014 my first niece Isabella was born! and she just filled the whole family with love and joy and made our hearts a little lighter, because when she smiles she just brights the room. The good news is that my dad got to meet her and hold her! He was delighted to be a grandpa!


Knitting has always been here. It's my therapy. I have made several items that I'll share with you until I catch up. As you can imagine I knit for my niece a  lot I have a wonderful excuse to make tiny and cute projects know!

Here are some of them


I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I hope that you came visit me!
Many hugs 

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