Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New updates!

Thanksgiving is here! What a great holiday. You get to enjoy your family great homemade food and plenty of time to chill and maybe knit a little!
We are cooking a turkey breast tomorrow because we all like white meat and we are only four people at home, so it will be plenty. Of course we are going to make the yummy sweet potatoes, and smash potatoes and Flan for dessert! Ohhh and we are going to be baking our own bread!
I can't wait until tomorrow!


My Shop

I don’t know if you have notice but I renew the look of the blog a little, and since blogger has added new features I was able to add more pages and one of them is my SHOP!
Yes! I wanted to do that for a very long time and finally I could accomplish it!
My creating mood is on again, it finally came back! So, I have the felling that this long weekend is going to be very productive. I want to make new things; I have ideas many ideas… You’ll see!
Come visit my shop
I hope you like it!


Ohhhh I also wanted to tell you that I have finished my Sylvi Coat! Oh my…. I am in love with it coat! I wasn’t able to take decent pictures yet, but I show you what I have so you can see it!
 I love it!!!! yes it was a lot of work, but the results are incredible. The pattern is really easy to follow and to be honest I didn't have any problems. The yarn worked perfect for this coat, after blocking it;s a lot softer and I like the stitch definition too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy as much as you can!
Many hugs for you!



melissa said...

oh wow!
your coat turned out gorgeous!! fabulous fabulous work!!

MarmePurl said...

Beautiful Knitting modled be a beautiful lady. Happy Thanksgivivng!