Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shenandoah Fiber Festival, VA 2012

Sweet alpaca giving me a kiss!
Good Morning everybody! How are you today? How is your day going?
I am doing well, thank you!
For the last 3 years I wanted to go to the Shenandoah Fiber Festival in VA and for some reason I always missed the date! This year I was lucky because I checked just in time before the weekend date. I told my husband that I really wanted to go and if he wanted to come with me and... he said yes! (Usually is a girly thing, you know).
So, last Saturday we went to the festival! We got there around noon, and it was a lot of local vendors selling really nice stuff. We walk around and I thought how dangerous this place could be if you are addicted to yarn. I also thought that it's probably one of the best places to buy yarn, because is good quality and is not really expensive. We got to see the animals and pet them.We really enjoyed it

I also wanted to tell you that I felt in love with one of the alpacas, she was the sweetest alpaca ever, she gave me a nose kiss!!! hihihihi too cute!
You should have seen this, there was a lady that had angora bunnies! Oh my they are so so soft! and she was spinning directly from the angora bunny!
Angora Bunny, I want one so bad!

Spinning from the bunny!

It was truly a wonderful day, the ride was breath taking, the weather was perfect ( cold enough for me to use my Mythos cardigan, and 4 people stopped me to ask me about my cardigan! I felt proud of my knitting, yes you can call it vanity!), and I had the perfect company!
I also wanted to tell you that my dear hubby was a saint, he put up with walking and looking at yarn for like 3 hours! , and after buying the sweet popcorn, he said "So? have you decided on what yarn do like the most?" I said well is so hard to pick, but why do you ask? because I want you to get some good yarn so you can make something nice for you! I just looked at him and smiled and he smiled back. (he knows how much I love alpaca yarn). You see,  I went with a set of mind "not to buy yarn, because we are a little broke", but there he was... trying to make me happier than I already was! So, I said yes I'm between two, but you have to help me to decide on the color (he is really good with colors, he is a Graphic's designer). So "we picked" a 1000 yards of sport Alpaca yarn on a beautiful light blue that he said it will look good on me!
I was and I am so happy! You see, I'm not just happy because I have this beautiful yarn, but also because the person that I love the most helped me to picked the yarn color  and spend the whole afternoon doing something that I wanted to do (he not so much) just to see me happy! That's why I spend the last 11 years of my life with him, for the simple things of daily life that we do to make each other happier. At the end it's all about that, caring for each other.
So, that was part of m y weekend full of happiness and love!

Have a great day, don't forget to smile and give somebody a hug!

Hugs to you,


MarmePurl said...

Beautiful yarn on a beautiful day from a beautiful Husband....All for our beautiful Sabrina. Perfect. Glad you had such a good tim and many thanks for sharing the story.

Sabrina's Creations said...

Thank you so much Joan! I needed to share the story it was too sweet!

melissa said...

what a wonderful day! i am so glad you enjoyed yourself!
i've never seen someone spinning *directly* from an animal before! amazing!!