Friday, September 14, 2012

I am an ambitious knitter

Sylvi by Mari Muinonen

There is one pattern that I love since the first moment I saw it and because I was intimidated by its difficulty and length it has been sitting in my queue for a very long time. Yes I am talking about Sylvi coat! What a beautiful and ambitious pattern!
Well, last week I ordered the yarn to start knitting this pattern. I waited for 5 days to receive the package with the yarn and I finally got it like two days ago.
My needles are on fire! My Sylvi is in progress and I love it.
For the yarn I picked the Cascade Eco+ on a plum color, and I tell why I choose the yarn: well, first of all because is 100% wool and is going to be warm for winter and second because the price was great $19 for 478 yard of bulky yarn per skein. Not bad ha!

It’s true, I became and ambitious knitter. I like complicated projects now, and this one is going to take me a while, and because I just couldn’t resist I started knitting the back first… Surprisingly is not as complicated as it seems which is good.
I’ll be taking pics, so you can see.

Have a great weekend,
Many hugs for you



MarmePurl said...

Sabrina this is going to be BEAUTIFUL! I am proud that you have become an ambitious knitter!

melissa said...

oh wow. that coat is jaw-dropping gorgeous!
i'm looking forward to following your progress.