Monday, June 2, 2008

After a long time I'm back!

Well, after a long disappearing time I’m back again.
I’ve been lost, I know and I hope it doesn’t happen again. I have been knitting quite a lot, but in whole new way. I’m into miniatures now. Yess! I love it! The thing was that like a few months ago I got my first doll, a Blythe doll. I didn’t buy it; I got as part of a payment for a custom job for a client. Well since I like challenges I decided to enter to this new world. At first I glad no a clue about knitting miniatures, I had to learn about sizes, needles, what tape of yarn and all that. Then I decided to go online to find some patterns, well let me tell you that for knitting patterns t\you can hardly can find anything for that specific doll. So I had to invented and played with my yarn and needles until I found what I was looking for. And now I understand why nobody wants to share the patterns, and I have to say I’m not sharing either, at least for now.
Well this is what I’ve knitted so far:

This one was the first one of this season!

I also made a little origami box for it! So cute!

This is a little raglan top I started from the neck so no seems are left to sew!! besides it fit her perfectly.

I loved making this pair of slippers I made a tiny origami box for them to have.

Here they are next to a coin so you can actually see how tiny they are!

So because of all these creations I decided to open a little Etsy store called Tiny world where I sell only doll clothes and furniture, I didn’t want to mix it with my original store “Sabrina Creations”, which I have to say it I have to pick up because I don’t have a lot of new items. I do still sewing for some clients outside Etsy though, for example I sold 3 purses last Saturday I was so happy!

Whenever she(Luna my Blythe doll)finishes washing her clothes she uses these pins to hang the clothes outside!

In reference to my personal life my hubby and I are doing fine, we are still trying for a baby, hopefully some day it will come. In reference to trying to conceive I was getting obsessed with it, so I stop myself and I now I try not to think about it, so I keep my mind busy with other activities like creating. Knitting is like a therapy for me. So will see what happens.
I have to be honest with you, I really missed not posting on this blog; I’m glad that I’m back.

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Goiuri said...

Yo recibí mi primera Blythe la semana pasada, son tan bonitas!! Y la ropa que has cosido es fantástica!!