Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sunflower Mittens

This past Christmas I've received a gift certificate for Joann’s from one of my best friends. She is too cute, she knew I like yarn and knitting accessories, but she doesn’t know much about yarn. So since I don’t buy a lot of yarn at this store I decided to go and buy the Vickie Howells yarn Sheepish. I wanted a bright color, something that I usually don’t knit with. I found a yellow that is so pretty and bright, exactly what I wanted. I also bought some yarn in two different shades of gray.
Well to be honest I bought one of each color, so my project needed to be small, that’s why I decided to make myself a par of Mittens. Since the only par I’ve ever made for me was on 2006, they very old, and they are huge! Hahaha.
To make this simple pair of mittens I used the same pattern that I used to make my first pair, which is a very simple and easy pattern.I used one skein of Sheepish yarn ( and I have like 3/4 left) and as a complementary color I used some nice 100% merino wool (yummy), that I had as left over from a hat I knitted for my husband.
I wanted a pair of mittens basically because I was tired of getting my hands so cold when touching the steering wheel. The yarn is super warm, soft and it has a pretty decent stitch definition for the price. The only down side is that it peels easily.
I called this project, my Sunflowers Mittens and is raveled here
I’m very happy with this quick and cute project.
Have you knit a lot of pair of mittens in your knitting years?

Have a great evening, and hugs for you!



melissa said...

i love these mittens!
the grey stripes are the perfect compliment to the yellow.

Sabrina's Creations said...

Thank you so much Melissa!!! I'm glad that you liked the combination too since it's my first yellow accessory it was really hard for me to find the right color for the combination.

Sarloz said...

i just love your mittens but a nice burst of color during a dreary season. I love yellow sadly that is one color lacking from my stash, i might have to make up for that and buy some of that yarn for myself.