Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering and Knitting

Today is a very special date, another anniversary for September 11th, all my love and prayers for the victims.


I have to say that I love knitting everyday a little more, now is turning an addiction, which I don't have many so it's OK. The only addiction that I had was smoking and chocolates, well I quit smoking a month ago, so now I'm just addictive to chocolate and knitting! They are healthy addiction, right??
Well, so yesterday I started to knit the February lady Sweater, by flinknits. Since the first day that I saw it I couldn't resist, and here I am, knitting it!
So far is coming great , the yarn that I pick to knit it is Debbie Bliss Silky alpaca, is really soft and light. I'm using Addi turbo circular needles for the first time, and I'm loving them.
I will post pictures of the progress later.

I also started last week a bulky vest. It's looking really nice, I love how the yarn combines together. I'm using yarn from Lion Brand called Landscapes, is really soft, and it can be felt but I won't do that.
Here is a picture of how my vest is looking so far.

I'm really pleased with the colors!

I'm writing down the pattern so I can share with you all.

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